three solutions that curtail the risk of contamination.


essential services, including supermarkets, continue to serve communities throughout the covid-19 crisis, and around the world measures are being taken to promote safe and hygienic practices. digi's contactless solutions provide a more sanitary experience at the checkout, helping both staff and shoppers stay safe and giving them peace of mind.


checkout solutions that minimize contact between the cashier and customer.

sm-6000 self-weighing

digi’s contactless self-weighing solution is aimed to complement these new measures by significantly reducing shoppers’ average transaction time and physical contact at the self-weighing station. this helps retailers to minimize the risk of cross-contamination while giving both customers and employees peace of mind.

benefits include:

  • safe- reduce risk of infection and cross-contamination
  • hygienic- no touch required on scale
  • fast- reduce transaction time with auto plu call-up
  • simple- easy operation
  • self-service- reduce reliance on operator assistance
  • reduce shrinkage- ensure all items are automatically tagged to the mobile device

self-checkout web-3000 series

self-checkout allows the customer to scan items and process payments themselves, freeing shop staff from having to work registers or handle money in a crowded and close-contact environment.

mobile checkout 'digi shop&go'

shoppers use their own device to scan items and checkout, allowing stores to operate with fewer staff. payments are processed at a self-payment station situated in a designated checkout lane, keeping customer contact to a minimum.

in addition, benefits to shoppers include:

  • no need for cashiers to touch items to scan them
  • no need to use a designated device that was touched by other shoppers
  • skipping the lines by checking out at a designated lane, reducing the time it takes for a shopping trip
  • long lines caused by social distancing can be shortened
  • cashless payments, no need to touch cash
  • items are placed directly into the shopper's bag as they scan them, eliminating any physical contact at bagging areas.